Transforming Package Management

Whether you live or work in an apartment building it is easy to see how frustrating deliveries of packages can be when there is not a system in place. Is there room to hold resident packages? Who is responsible for managing that process? How much time and money are you losing because of packages, and what is the customer service impact? Do residents have access to pick up their packages 24/7? These are the types of questions we address on a daily basis when we speak to properties without a package management system in place. 

Now, there is a solution. Luxer One and [in] SPIRE, a team of industry leaders, are bringing these systems to buildings around the country. Property management and tenants alike are singing their praises for how easy a process we've have been able to provide. 

Worried if the system will work for you or require lots of training? Don't, the Luxer One system accepts 100% of every package mailed to residents today, and works with every mail carrier. Thanks to nearly a decade of research and development the process has been perfected. First-time users of the Luxer One system find it extremely user-friendly and intuitive. With an easy-to-use interface the Luxer One system you can feel confident that all users will be able to use this system.

Packages Received 

A mail carrier enters a package into the Luxer One System, indicating the recipient's information and package size. The package is then placed into the appropriately sized locker. 

[in]SPIRE package alert.png

Recipients Alerted

Once the mail carrier has entered package information into the Luxer One System a text alert will be sent to the recipient. They are provided with a code in order to access their package. 

[in]SPIRE package monitoring.png

Packages Safely Await Pickup  

Luxer One Systems come with 24/7 video surveillance to monitor every step. From package delivery to package pickup, Luxer One documents everything to ensure a great experience.

Intuitive. Fast. Innovative.