Apartment Buildings Prefer Luxer One

As delivery services are on the rise there is a growing need for package delivery systems. The Luxer One electronic locker packaging system is a perfect solution for apartment buildings, making it the preferred system for property management around the country.


Luxer One Systems Command 5-star Reviews

“Luxer One has been wonderful addition to this property. No more missed or incorrect deliveries to residents. So simple! We just get an alert with the access code to use and even select the day to pick up or delay pickup. Love it!” 

-Andrea in Virginia

“I love, love, LOVE Luxer One!!! Luxer One gives me the flexibility that I need to pick up my packages when I am able to. Thank you for an easy accessible service that truly helps me!” 

-Jamie in Nevada

“I love how easy it is to get my packages from the Luxer One lockers. It just takes two steps to get a text message, type in my code at the screen, and then I can grab my package and go on with my life! Thanks for coming up with such a nicely designed way to get my packages (without any headaches!).”

-Tommy in Arizona

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We Provide The Best Package Management System For Apartments

Learn why so many apartments around the country are having Luxer One systems installed, click here for specifications and feel free to contact us.