Paseo Verde: A Breathe of Fresh Air for North Broad

With all of the successful development down South Broad, it seemed North Broad's renaissance had been forgotten and disinvestment had grown rampant. Paseo Verde is just what the doctor ordered to markedly bridge two crucial communities, creating a developmental foundation to build upon and paving the way for future economic opportunity growth. They chose wisely taking a 20 acre abandoned lot nestled between Eastern North Philadelphia and Temple University, sitting on the second most active train station outside of the city center. 

I'm happy that they chose to build it incorporating housing for low and median income earners to support the current populations that reside in the area, and provide an opportunity to live better without relocation. As a transit-oriented community, residents will be able to affordably commute to job opportunities inside center city, without sparing expense for transportation. Developing mixed use was also a key factor, providing opportunity for small business and a tax base to stimulate economic growth. Let's hope that things roll out as planned and bring investors back to the table to reinvigorate Broad Street as the great corridor it once was. 

Check out the case study, video below: