Luxer Room Overview

The Luxer One packaging systems are loaded with features that residents, carriers, and on-site staff love. With the latest offering from Luxer One, the Luxer Room, property's can convert an existing package room or storage closet into a smart packaging system. 


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Convert An Existing Room Into A Luxer Room

There is no need to install lockers, making this one of the fastest systems to get up and running. This system will help with maintaining ample space as the volume of package deliveries increases over time. Plus, since there are no lockers, 100% of packages are accepted, regardless of their size and weight. Luxer has made it easier than ever to remove interruptions for on-site staff and have the most efficient packaging system in place.

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Minimal Requirements

All you need is an existing room, a power outlet, and wifi. We take care of the rest - it's that easy.


Transforming Properties One Room At A Time

We'll have your room ready in no time, call us

Carriers Love Luxer

Carriers are able deliver straight to package room, bypassing leasing office staff or a front desk agent. Studies show that the average delivery time is only 10-15 seconds, with 100% package acceptance regardless of size or weight. Even more exciting, packages for unlisted residents are accepted instead of sent to front desk or office. All parcel carriers deliver to Luxer One, making everything deliver.

Residents Love Luxer

They receive a notification, via text and/or email, with a one-time access code when they have a package and have 24/7 access to their packages. Residents can also review photographic log of all past deliveries.

Happy Staff, Happy Residents

Your staff will be ecstatic when they can remve all of the headaches and aggravation they   

The Proof Is In The Numbers

After installing Luxer One smart packaging systems, properties have reported savings of 3.5 hours saved per employee, increases of 25% in resident satisfaction, and a 40% increase in answered calls.