Luxer One Specifications & Overview

The Luxer One packaging systems are loaded with lots of features, so read below to learn more. Our team is happy to walk you through the system to explain how it will work at your property. Contact us today.


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Customizable Package Units

Each property is unique, which is why Luxer One package systems offer a variety of options. [in]SPIRE will audit your property and present you with a recommended system that will best suit your needs.

Not All Packages Are Created Equally

Our systems are equipped with a number of locker dimensions so there is a storage option for every package being delivered. From books to snowboards, this system can take delivery.

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What You'll Need

We make the installation process extremely easy. Once we determine room size and locker configuration for your system we will need power and internet. Most properties already have the required power and internet, but if you don't we will guide you through the process. Once installed, we include video surveillance so you will have 24/7 footage available for the last (10) days.

Location, Location

The Luxer One package system is centered around efficiency. We will advise you on the ideal location for your Luxer One system. 

The Whole Package

From design to construction, Luxer One systems give you the best of both worlds. The heavy-duty construction provides you with the durability you need. You'll also be happy to know that these are ADA compliant, backed up by battery during power outages, and you'll get tons of data that can help with better understanding your tenants. Lastly, we can create a custom branded system to match your building and its decor.