Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luxer One’s warranty?

Luxer One provides a support contract including free replacement of any defective locks or electronics. There is a three year warranty for the metal locker components.  Damage caused by excessive wear & tear, vandalism or adverse climate conditions is excluded from the Luxer One warranty. At no charge, software upgrades and maintenance are provided free of charge as long as your account is current.

Post installation, Where will my onsite team need to continue to remain involved?

After installation is complete, Luxer One will continue to help you use the system. With As part of their support contract, Luxer One will provide support for the property residents, and carriers via phone, remote monitoring and email.

Luxer One provides training with onboarding carriers, and the on-site team plays an integral role in being our on-site eyes and ears to help teach the carriers and hold them accountable.  Luxer One is there every step of the way with your own personal Project Manager, customer service team, and carrier focused team who spends 100% of their time helping your team and residents work through carrier issues.

Are Luxer One Systems ADA compatible?

Yes. Luxer One understands how important Fair Housing and ADA are to your residents, company and in our industry.  Luxer One continues to lead the industry in ADA.  First, Luxer One ensured that the screen was below 48″.  Second, in Luxer One’s proprietary software they give the resident to elect an ADA option, removing the community from the liability of assuming or asking.  

When the carrier delivers for that unit, only locker doors below 48” will open for them.  For visually impaired residents, the system can be set up to notify the carrier to deliver to the office or directly to the residents door upon attempting to enter into the system.

What color/style/shape of lockers are available?

While Luxer One’s standard color is Pebble black, Luxer can provide lockers for your community in almost any RAL color.

See the endless possibilities for color here:

Luxer One is unique and has set the bar in the industry with the creation of innovative locker and non-locker designs that continue to set the standard for on-site intelligent package solutions.  There are standard locker configurations, options for extra compartments, and both an oversized locker and oversized room solution which can accommodate multiple oversized packages.

What are the power and networking requirements for your locker?

Luxer Lockers dual 110v outlets, as well as a wired internet connection with at least 500k upload speeds.

Can provide further spec sheets upon request at:

How does a Luxer One system signature required packages if proof of delivery is requested?

As a carrier arrives to make a delivery, the Luxer One system allows them to elect that a signature is required. Upon arrival, the resident is prompted to sign, signs, then the locker pops open and they are on their way.

How does Luxer One uniquely handle oversized packages?

On average 20-25% are oversized of packages will not fit in standard lockers.  As the package problem evolved, Luxer One recognized the growing burden oversized packages were creating to package lockers and onsite teams.

As always, Luxer innovated first creating the oversized locker.  Followed by the creation of the Luxer Room where any closet can be converted into a secure, extra-large custom solution.

How does a Luxer One System handle packages that have been left in for too long?

Your on-site team will share with Luxer the maximum time frame that they wish to allow packages to remain the the system.  The average recommended time frame is three days.

Upon arrival of the package, your Luxer One system will notify the resident that the package has arrived, along with an image of the label and unique one-time code for pick-up.  On the following day(s) the resident will be reminded of their package.  The last day they will receive a warning email advising that the package will be “returned to sender”.  The next day the carrier will be prompted to return the package to sender when they log-in, and the door will pop open making it seamless for them.

Additionally, you have the option to charge a holding fee in place, or in addition to return to sender.

Who does a resident contact if they cannot retrieve their package, and how? If it is with your company, what are the staffed service hours?

Luxer one is always on and residents should Luxer One directly. Sometimes the resident chooses to reach out to the site team directly.  Luxer One provides each property with a key that lets management manually open the locker if the need arises. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How are residents notified that a package has been delivery to the Luxer One locker system?

Residents initially set up their personal preferences and can decide whether they would like email or text notifications.  When a package arrives they receive the a unique one-time code via email, text or both with an image of the label, time of delivery and who it was delivered by.

What happens if a resident cannot be found in the Luxer One locker system?

The carrier has the ability to deliver a package to the “house account” if the resident is not yet in the system. Once delivered to the Luxer One system under “house account”, the manager will be notified of the delivery and can reassign the package to the resident (if they are registered), or can ask the resident to sign up and then reassign the package to them. Luxer One has patent pending on this process and it is exclusive to Luxer One systems.

How is the resident list updated and maintained in the Luxer One locker system?

Luxer One is open source and can bridge to any property management software.  There is also an option for residents manage their account themselves through our website, particularly in cases where you choose a charging model for residents where any billing is required. In situations where a resident does not register, we have a process to make sure they get their packages.

How do the carriers get on boarded/trained since the are responsible for the placement of the packages in the Luxer One package locker? 

Luxer one provides training and support remotely to the on-site team.  Onboarding carriers is however the responsibility of the property management staff. Luxer One will provide the property with flyers, stickers and other materials to help instruct the carriers and onboard the residents. Luxer One trains the staff, and the staff is empowered train the carriers, with the support of Luxer One and [in]SPIRE of course!

Who puts the packages in the Luxer One lockers, the property management staff or the carrier?

Luxer one intelligent package solutions where designed specifically to remove management from all package handling.  Luxer One systems are designed to make the process of delivering packages seamless for carriers and encourage them to deliver. In cases of preference Luxer One also designed the system to provide the on-site management the capability to complete deliveries.

What are the installation requirements for having Luxer One at your community (space, volume, building type, etc.)?

[in]SPIRE will assess your needs and create a proposal to match including installation specifications. For reference, you will want to have a wired internet connection with a minimum 1.5Mbps upload speed as a requirement. The doorway must be large enough for the lockers to fit through. 

As we work together to decide optimal placement for you Luxer One system, you want to consider a space that is convenient for residents, carriers and your team alike.

How long does it typically take to receive the lockers?

Generally, from the moment payment is provided from [in]SPIRE to Luxer One, the order will be delivered and installed within 6-8 weeks.  Note, for custom color the time is typically 12-14 weeks as the lockers are custom made and powder coated to order.

How many Luxer lockers do I need?

This number is best estimated with accurate package volume. In cases of new development or lease up where that is not available, we evaluate by properties in the area, and your unit count against a ratio using a proprietary algorithm. In the past there have been 300 unit properties that received 100 packages a day, while another 300 unit property may have received 15. 

With the estimated package volume, [in]SPIRE and Luxer One look at your demographics and the number of units in your building. The we come up with a number of lockers for your building. Remember however, package volume is growing by about 20% year after year, so we will also help you prepare for inevitable growth in the future.

Does Luxer One integrate with my property management software?

Luxer One is open source and can bridge to any property management software. Top software companies like Realpage, Entrata, and Yardi are just a few of the many who work with Luxer One. There is also an option for residents manage their account themselves through our website, particularly in cases where you choose a charging model for residents where any billing is required. In situations where a resident does not register, we have a process to make sure they get their packages.

What is [in]SPIRE’s relationship with Luxer One?

[in]SPIRE is a preferred partner of Luxer One.  Our territory is the Northeast physically, but [in]SPIRE is able to serve your needs nationwide.  We sell the systems on their behalf at matching prices and install.  Luxer One owns all warranties and provides top notch support, customer service and operational assistance.  [in]SPIRE always pushes to provide optimal customer service, so we work hand and hand with Luxer One to ensure that we can help where need to always put our clients first.